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Are you ready to find the perfect piece for your story?

HATMAKER offers you the opportunity to co-create the fashion headwear of your dreams to accompany you on your special occasion. We will embark on an enjoyable process, bringing to life your unique vision. Creating a headpiece matching your fashion aesthetic with a perfect fit, enhancing your face shape & silhouette.

Where craft meets personalized design, we will need to collect the following information to get you started:

- Images of your outfit, accessories & shoes that will accompany you

- The theme of the event you will attend

- Images of headwear styles that interest you

The entire curation takes 2-4 weeks between the design, construction & rehearsal stages. Contact me to begin the process using the form on this page.

The best part for me is helping you find the right piece for your story! So if you are ready, let's get started!

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