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Do hats whisper?

Hello! You might think I'm asking this question because I'm Müge, a hat designer, but I'm actually just asking out of curiosity… "Do hats whisper?" People give some clues about their characters with what they wear, with their habits, that's what I believe. I think if you are reading these lines, it means that a hat whispered to you somewhere or maybe in a photo frame.

Look to the past, some not so distant. Audrey Hepburn perfect vintage fashion headwear mystic, the incredible costumes donned by Beyonce in concert, or the Eye hieroglyph hats of Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni — just to name a few of late pop culture...

Hats have seen so much history; different cultures, places throughout ancient to modern times

And of course, let's not forget the Royals waving from their lofty balconies having solidified headwear as the mark of prestige and fashion privilege.

The most important thing, are not these for me. And so, a question begs to be asked! Where do you feel the hat takes its place in our lives — in your life? An important fashion accessory, one that completes your daily regalia? Your star piece in your wardrobe; taking the lead, topping off the perfect look for the special occasion — blending into your flying hair as you float through the wind? What would your headpiece whisper? What spirit of the person who wears it does it whisper around the room?

For me designing the piece that whispers exactly what you are feeling is what is most important — blending the colors and fabrics in a design that will help you realize your dream.

I attended the London College of Fashion in pursuit of my dreams of becoming a designer. After all, where else would be better to learn headpiece and hat design other than the school notorious for the creation and design of hats for the entire Royal Family! In my memory, the colors, models and this mysterious new city were to me all united. It is great looking back on my time here where I had felt these feelings of passion and dreams realized most strongly. It was here in London, where I also took my apprenticeship with the infamous hat designer of the Royal Family, Rose Cory. Nothing can be said for my experience there — sharing the same room with such a master craftsman in the homeland of their trade — witnessing the way they transformed fabrics into wearable 'headpieces' of art with their magical fingers!

According to Wikipedia, a "Hat" is defined as follows: “An accessory with many different types that is worn or worn on the head. It is worn to protect the head from heat, cold or rain or simply as an ornament.”

But when you come to us here at Hatmaker, we will add so much more to these mere words. Helping you bring your hat fashion dreams to life — blending textures, color, fashion — keeping you timeless in every season.

With love,
Müge Bozkurt