Do hats whisper?

Hello! You might think I'm asking this question because I'm Müge, a hat designer, but I'm actually just asking out of curiosity… "Do hats whisper?" People give some clues about their characters with what they wear, with their habits, that's what I believe. I think if you are reading these lines, it means that a hat whispered to you somewhere or maybe in a photo frame.

Let's look at our memories a little bit, the black hats in the iconic photos of Audrey Hepburn or the incredible size hats Beyonce included in her costumes, the eye symbol hats of the Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni, the name of popular culture...

Hats coming from different times, different styles and different addresses, which take a place in our memories!

Of course, we should add the members of the Royal Family waving from the balcony of London-Buckingham Palace to this list… And where do you think the hat takes place in our lives? As a matter of fact, it sometimes appears as an important fashion accessory that completes the daily look, and sometimes it takes the lead and blends into our flying hair as a star piece. And then he whispers the spirit of that person around… For me, the design spirit that circulates in me meets exactly this feeling when designing a hat. While sharing their dreams on the one hand, I love making colors and fabrics speak on the other hand, and being an intermediary in all these while conveying my own feeling to them.

After my university education, I first turned the route to London College of Fashion for my dreams. After all, I was going to learn the codes of this business in London, which is famous for the hats of the Royal Family. In my memory, colors, models and this mysterious city were united. It was great to be in this city where I had this feeling most strongly. The next stop, also in the same city, was the workshop of the Royal Family hat designer, craftsman Rose Cory. There is nothing like sharing the same loom with valuable masters in the homeland of this business and witnessing the way they transform fabrics into hats with their magic fingers!

The word meaning of the hat is defined as follows according to Wikipedia: “An accessory with many different types that is worn or worn on the head. It is worn to protect the head from heat, cold or rain or simply as an ornament.”

But if we're meeting you at Hatmaker, we have to add much more than these words. I am also excited to make your dreams come true and to see your photo with your different and special hat! Are you ready to make our dreams come true with different colors, different textures and original lines every season?

Muge Bozkurt